The Maasai

are a nomadic tribe living mainly in Kenya and Tanzania (East Africa). The Maasai are the most famous people of East Africa. They are known for their traditional way of life, language and their beautiful jewelry and clothing. 

Spread over Tanzania and Kenya there are many traditional Maasai villages. While visiting a Maasai village (Manyatta) you discover everything about the ancient traditions and rituals of the Maasai.


Hadzabe are an ethnic group who live in groups hunting with bow and arrows and gathering roots, tubers and wild fruits much as humankind lived in the Stone Age. They live around Lake Eyasi, a scenic soda lake found on the southern border of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. 


The Datoga are nomadic cattle herders who also live around the lake. They are blacksmiths by trade and supply the Hadzabe with heads for their arrows and both the Hadzabe as well as the Maasai with various ornaments and jewellery.

The people of these indigenous tribes are probably the last living in true harmony with nature and have a wealth of Fauna and Flora knowledge to share.


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