Day Tours

  • Would you like to experience some more Tanzanian or Zanzibari culture by visiting a Maasai village or do a spice tour in Stone Town? Stretch your legs on a hike to the Sapuku Waterfalls or around Lake Duluti or visit a local market? Do a city tour of Arusha to make you feel at home in the safari capital? Magufwa is happy to take you anywhere you like.

  • The Maasai is a nomadic tribe living mainly in Kenya and Tanzania (East Africa). The Maasai are the most famous people of East Africa. They are known for their traditional way of life, language and their beautiful jewelry and clothing.

  • By far the best way to see all of the historical buildings and sites around the old Stone Town! Walk through the narrow streets and capture the feeling of the old colonial Arabic Architecture which is now a UNESCO Historical Site.


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